Driving Instructor Apps

There is quite a wide range of driving school apps available for driving instructors. There tend to be more apps available for apple devices than android devices. This is somewhat surprising for several reasons. Firstly there are more people in the UK who use android phones and tablets than Apple devices. Secondly each time the […]


Why you should use an ipad for driving lessons

Having used traditional paper based lesson plans, diagrams, booking systems etc for many years I decided that it was time to look into getting a tablet device. So my first decision was whether to get an ipad or an android based device such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have to admit here that I […]


Android or Ipad for Driving Instructors?

  Weighing up whether to use an ipad or an android tablet is very much a matter of personal choice. If you already have an android phone you may well veer towards an android tablet and iphone users may well prefer the ipad. One key question for some will be what driving instructor apps are […]


the not so smart driving app

John Farlam has established himself as one of the best known names in the Driver training industry. One of my customers recently asked me to add a link to Johns new Smart Driving App. Since it is free and makes amazing claims for itself, I thought Id download it to my Android Tablet to test […]


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