Driving instructor lesson plans pdf

    instructor lesson plans

    Driving instructor lesson plan pdfs are very helpful for you in conducting your driving lessons to a high standard.  With a lesson plan pdf you can print off copies for your pupils or use them on any device – at home on your computer or laptop or in the car using your smartphone or tablet. There are some free driving instructor lesson plans available but they are not always of high quality.

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    Full pdf lesson plan topics list:

    Cockpit Checks
    Accelerator & Brake
    Parking Brake
    Giving Signals
    Moving Off
    Pull up on the Left
    Angled & Hill Starts

    Emerging Left
    Emerging Right
    Turning Left
    Turning Right
    Other Junctions
    Other Crossroads
    Traffic lights (offside)
    Traffic lights (nearside)
    Roundabouts Left
    Roundabouts Ahead
    Roundabouts Right
    Spiral Roundabouts
    Roundabouts & Lights
    Mini Roundabouts
    Roundabouts other
    Mini Roundabouts other
    One Way Streets

    Anticipation & Awareness
    Independent Driving
    Meeting Traffic
    Pedestrian Crossings
    Zebra Crossings
    Light Controlled Crossings
    Dual Carriageways
    Rural Roads
    Town & City Driving
    Night Driving
    All Weather Driving
    Eco Driving
    Emergency Vehicles

    Turn in the Road
    Reversing Left
    Pull up on Right & Reverse
    Forward Bay Park
    Reverse Bay Park
    Parallel Park
    Emergency Stop

    Blank Roundabout
    Blank Junction
    Road Signs and Markings

    Tell Me Questions
    Show Me Questions
    Test Marking Sheet
    Top Reasons for Test Fails
    Test Report Form

    Basic Procedures
    Stopping Distances



    Driving instructor lesson plans
    See the full range of ADI Ninja laminated diagrams


    These lesson plan diagrams are copyright. You may photocopy them for the private use of your own pupils but they may not be copied for use by other instructors and may not be published online in any format.

    Driving Lesson Plan Q&A

    Q&A is an important part of any driving lessons. But sometimes we can get a bit stale or lacking inspiration for questions to use. Here are some suggested Q&A that you can use as a driving instructor with  your driving school pupils when dealing with cockpit checks:

    •How can you check that all the doors are properly closed?
    •How can you judge that the seat is in the correct position?
    •Why should you adjust your mirrors before moving off?
    •What might happen if you try to adjust the mirrors while the car is moving?
    •Who is legally responsible for passengers wearing seat belts?
    •What might happen if a rear passenger is not wearing their seat belt?
    •Who is responsible for children wearing the appropriate restraint?
    •How can you ensure the wind does not catch your door when opening it?
    •What dangers could be caused by the wind catching your door when opening it?

    These 500 Q&A questions in pdf form cover 40 different topics.

    Download  500 Q&A questions for driving instructors

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