Mirrors. Signal. Position. Speed. Look.

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Pupil handout template Mirrors Signal Position Speed Look

MSPSL is an acronym used as a safe driving procedure. Let’s break it down:

  1. Mirror (M):
    • Check your mirrors (rear view and side mirrors) to assess traffic around you.
    • Look for other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians.
  2. Signal (S):
    • Indicate your intention by using your turn signal.
    • Signal early to give other drivers time to react.
  3. Position (P):
    • Position your vehicle correctly within your lane.
    • Ensure you have enough space to move into the desired lane.
  4. Speed (S):
    • Adjust your speed to match the flow of traffic in the target lane.
    • Be aware of speed limits and road conditions.
  5. Look (L):
    • Make sure it’s safe.
    • Ensure there are no vehicles in your intended path.


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