Driving School Car Headboards

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Driving school headboards or roof signs are an excellent way to advertise your driving school every day of the year. [read on below for more help and advice before ordering]. The following supply driving school roof signs:

Top Notch Signs – website
Prices from £57.50 with no graphics or £78.50 with lettering. Raised L design available.
Aero signs with graphics from £99.50

Grade 6 Supplies – website
Prices from £60 for blank signs, aero and delta signs from £85

Driving School Supplies – website
Prices from £75 including one colour lettering. Aero signs from £95

Lettercraft top signs – website
Prices from £58. Black signs available.

As you can see there is little to choose between different suppliers’ prices. For the best quality look you may be best off buying a blank sign and getting professional graphics done by a local company.

Driving school roof signs normally come in one or two parts: the hood and the base. Either the hood part is glued or bonded in some way to the base, or is held on with small plastic nuts and bolts. The headboard is secured to the roof of the car using two or three very strong magnets. They are usually considered strong enough to withstand speeds up to 70 mph.

It is possible that the magnets can scratch the roof of the car. As a result most come with a rubber covering to go round the magnet. A potential problem with this is that water is then retained and can cause the magnets to rust resulting in rusty water leaking out. A good idea to help protect the roof further is to get a length of vinyl such as that used for car graphics and apply that to the roof where the roofbox will be placed. This will help with potential scratching but take car that the edge of the sign does not dent the roof as you lift it up at an angle.

Most driving school headboards are now made of materials that will not discolour with age. However it is worth checking with the supplier.

Driving School Aero Roof Signs

Recently a number of “aero” headboards have been introduced. These give less wind resistance so better mpg and look a bit sleeker. The disadvantage of these however is that you have less usable space for lettering to the front and rear. Here is an example aero roof sign from PMN Ltd

An aero sign on my own car saw an improvement in mpg compared with my previous traditional style roof sign of 6% – from 55.3mpg to 58.6mpg

It is best to use lettering with a simple easy to read font such as Arial and strong bold colours and to use as few letters a possible. Consider leaving off the words “driving school” or “school of motoring” – they just take up valuable space and can look cluttered.

Just have the basic name, phone number and regulation Red “L”. It can be a good idea to have a reflective L on one side to face the back of the car for night driving.

Cost of Driving School Headboards
Most driving school car headboards can be obtained for under £100 including lettering.