Driving Instructor Insurance

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Instructor cover + – website – 029 2062 9413 (Watkin Davies)

E Quote – website – 01227 285540

Adrian Flux – website – 0800 369 8590

Waveney – website – 01603 753 888

C&A Mackie – website – 0141 423 8555

Surewise – website – 01268 200 020

Towergate – website – 01603 753888 (same as Waveney)

Quotezone – website

A lot of driving instructors have been finding that there driving school insurance premiums have gone up considerably even though they have had no claims or other changes to their insurance. Thre certainly seems to be quite a shake up happening in the driving school car insurance sector at the moment..

In order to help driving instructors to shop around, below are some links to different driving instructor insurance providers.

But first some idead of how to lower the cost of your driving instuctor car insurance:

Sometimes adding a second named driver can actaully DECREASE your premium. If your husband/wife/partner has a good driving record it may be worth putting them on as a named driver (not for driving instruction purposes though!)

Some insurance companies ask you grade. it may be that a better grade might make some difference.

Can you park your car off road? There will be a slioght premium increase for people who park on the public road at night.

Do you have a second job? This may either increase or decrease your premium. The job title you give can make a difference – for instance bar workers may be seen as a higher risk occupation than restaurant staff.

Check out the insurance group of your car before you buy it. Sometimes a brand new low group car attracts a lower premium than second hand, lower purchase cost but higher insurance group cars.