Pupil Reflective Log 1


Reflective Log

Can be printed multiple times


Reflective log for use with your clients.

reflective log is a valuable tool for your pupil to capture their thoughts. It’s akin to a diary, where you record your experiences, insights, and emotions related to your learning journey. Here are some key points about reflective logs:

  1. Purpose: Reflective logs help you demonstrate progress, understanding, and support needs. They serve as a record of your learning experiences.
  2. Structure:
    • Describe (D): Objectively detail what happened.
    • Interpret (I): Explain your learning, insights, and feelings.
    • Evaluate (E): Make judgments based on your observations.
    • Plan (P): Consider how this learning applies to your future.
  3. Content:
    • Analyze your performance as a learner.
    • Evaluate gains in understanding and task completion.
    • Express feelings about your learning and development.
    • Connect experiences and ideas.
    • Demonstrate transfer of learning from previous lessons.

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