Driving Instructors – Making Tax Digital

The likelihood is that if you are a driving instructor, you are self-employed… and big changes are coming for the self-employed in the HMRC “Making Tax Digital programme (here on MTD). Gone will be the days of doing your accounts on the back of an envelope, an account book or even a spreadsheet. From April […]

Driving Instructor Lesson Plans pdf

If you are looking for high quality driving lesson diagrams as a downloadable pdf then you should look no further than ADI Ninja. Their pdf diagrams are based on their popular 5 star laminated book diagrams. You can download these diagrams and use them on any device – a laptop, ipad, tablet, iphone or smartphone. […]

Are driving instructor trainers regulated?

The ORDIT Register is a register of Driving Instructor training establishments that have achieved minimum standards as inspected by the Driving Standards Agency. The register is not compulsory. To achieve an entry in the ORDIT register, an instructor training organisation has to reach certain minimum standards. The register does not measure the value for money […]

Tests for driving instructors

No one is allowed to teach people to drive for money or moneys worth unless they have passed the ADI qualifying exams to enable them to be on the DSA Register of Approved Driving Instructors. If you want to become a driving instructor their are three tests that you must pass. You must pass all three […]

How to Become a Driving Instructor

There are three basic steps to becoming a driving instructor. These are the three exams, which are called unsurprisingly Part One, Part Two and Part Three. In order to pass these exams you will need to get some good quality training. Part One is a test of knowledge and so it is possible to learn […]

How much do driving instructors earn?

People who are thinking of becoming a driving instructor naturally want to know how much do driving instructors earn. The difficulty with coming up with a precise figure for driving instructor earnings is that there are so many variables. The main variables are: the hourly rate charged  whether the instructor works independently or part of […]

Driving instructor lesson plans pdf

Driving instructor lesson plan pdfs are very helpful for you in conducting your driving lessons to a high standard.  With a lesson plan pdf you can print off copies for your pupils or use them on any device – at home on your computer or laptop or in the car using your smartphone or tablet. […]

Driving School lessons plans

If you are looking for driving school lesson plans there are several alternatives. Our top tip is make sure they are up to date.  So make sure that the diagrams that you buy are up to date in 2023. There are plenty of driving instructors who are searching “free lesson plans and diagrams”. Driving instructor […]

Driving Instructor Apps

There is quite a wide range of driving school apps available for driving instructors. There tend to be more apps available for apple devices than android devices. This is somewhat surprising for several reasons. Firstly there are more people in the UK who use android phones and tablets than Apple devices. Secondly each time the […]

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