Has Theory Test Pro Passed its Sell By Date?

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Theory Test Pro has been around for a few years now and has achieved it’s own little niche in the driving lesson resources market. Rather than compete with the likes of focus Multimedia with it’s very successful driving test Success range of products, Theory Test Pro targeted Driving Instructors as its source of income, the idea being that instructors pay a monthly fee to allow their pupils access to the theory test question bank. An added selling point was the facility for instructors to monitor the progress of their pupils.

How much does Theory Test Pro cost?

The basic plan costs £9 per month (limited to 10 students) while the recommended plan is £17 per month.

Online chatter amongst driving instructors suggests It seems though that this may be a gimmick that is reaching the end of it’s life with many instructors cancelling their subscriptions quite simply because their pupils don’t use it.

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