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driving lesson plans

If you are looking for high quality driving lesson diagrams as a downloadable pdf then you should look no further than ADI Ninja. Their pdf diagrams are based on their popular 5 star laminated book diagrams. You can download these diagrams and use them on any device – a laptop, ipad, tablet, iphone or smartphone. Whatever your device it is likely that these pdf diagrams are going to be compatible. Now that Neil Beaver is no longer updating is Apple based road board app, the next best option is to use a pdf.

The beauty of using a pdf diagram is that you can also print it off for the use of your pupils and so can give them as handouts for your driving school clients. Also it will never run into problems when android and apple update their systems – a problem that has bedevilled instructors with driving instructor diagrams apps – particularly those based on the apple ios system.

Driving instructor lesson plans pdf free

Whilst we all like a freebie and many normal apps are free on the internet, it is unrealistic to expect that you are going to get good quality pdf driving instructor plans and diagrams for free. Usually free versions are cut down incomplete versions or are heavily watermarked which doesn’t look too professional! What will your pupils think when they see another driving school’s name emblazoned on your driving lesson resources. Best to ensure that you get unwatermarked diagrams even if they cost a few pounds more. Remember that the image that you portray is really important. If you use cheapskate resources people will expect to pay you cheapskate prices for their lessons. Truly we haven’t seen a full set of driving lesson plans in pdf format on the market that are both free and of even basic quality. If your diagrams look as though they were designed in Windows Paint programme in 1996, they maybe will expect to pay 1996 prices for their lessons.

Compare these driving lesson diagrams:

driving lesson pdfs




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