Tests for driving instructors

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No one is allowed to teach people to drive for money or moneys worth unless they have passed the ADI qualifying exams to enable them to be on the DSA Register of Approved Driving Instructors.

If you want to become a driving instructor their are three tests that you must pass. You must pass all three within a two year period or you will need to go back and start again.

Part One – this is like the Theory Test only harder. The questions are drawn from a different question bank to the regular theory test and the pass mark involves you reaching an acceptable score in all of the 4 different sections. There is also a Hazard Perception Test, again with a higher pass mark than the learner drivers’ test.

Part Two – this is a test of practical driving ability. The standard of driving required for this test is very high. The part two driving test last for an hour and involves demonstrating all the manoeuvres and driving on a wider range of roads than on the normal driving test.

Part Three – this is a test of your ability to instruct. The test lasts an hour and involves role-play where you instruct the examiner. There are a number of pre-set modules ant the examiner will ask you to teach two of those modules – one to a novice and one to a more experienced learner.

When you have passed your Part Three you are free to work as an instructor either working for another organisation, or under your own name. You will however be subject to regular check tests (every 2-4 years).

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