Are driving instructor trainers regulated?

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The ORDIT Register is a register of Driving Instructor training establishments that have achieved minimum standards as inspected by the Driving Standards Agency. The register is not compulsory. To achieve an entry in the ORDIT register, an instructor training organisation has to reach certain minimum standards.

The register does not measure the value for money of training, nor the financial standing of the training organisation or individual and lists what elements have been inspected.

The code against each establishment entry under the heading “Training Offered” indicates t he subjects covered which have been inspected and approved. They are:

1 = ADI part 1 (the written exam)
2 = ADI part 2 (the driving ability test)
3 = ADI part 3 (the instructional ability test)
R = ADI retraining

The types of course offered:
F = Full time course
P = Part time course
C = Classroom
D = Distance learning course
A = Residential accommodation service

If an establishment is offering courses that are not listed in their Ordit register entry, it is likely that these have not been approved.

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