4 Reasons your site may get penalized

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With recent massive changes in how Google ranks websites, many driving instructors are looking afresh at what they need to do to get good rankings. Many of the SEO techniques that have worked well in the last few years are now (late 2012) obsolete or questionable.

Here we have 4 Things that will get your site penalized by Google

1. Keyword stuffing.
Good use of keywords is helpful for search engines to find out what your site is about. In the past some webmasters and SEO companies were able to get good short term results by keyword stuffing. This involves including your keywords in an unnatural and excessive way in the text and meta tags of your site. Although it is still possible to make short term gains by doing this, it’s a strategy that will surely result in long term problems for your site.

2. Hidden text
This involves putting a whole load of text with a very high keyword density in a colour that matches or is very close to the background colour, or is in a very small font. Google doesn’t want this. It wants to read the natural text that you want to show your human readers.

3. Link spam
Links back to your site are valuable if they are from good sites that are relevant to yours. So for a driving school site, links back from motoring sites, learning to drive sites and the like would be good. Links from irrelevant sites that are full of links to random sites will not benefit your driving school site and could even harm your search ranking.

4. Pages with little text content or duplicate content
Don’t copy pages from other sites. Write it yourself in your own words. Google likes text, so if your site is full of images with little text then your content maybe regarded as “thin”.

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