Create a Facebook Page for your driving school

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1. Sign Up for a personal account at

2. Create a page for your business (Note – this is a separate page to your personal account.) Complete your business address details etc.

3. Now when you login to facebook and click on “home” at the top right hand side, then down the left side of the page you should see the category “pages” and under that the name of your facebook business page. If you click on that it brings you to your business page admin panel. It will look like this one  

4. One thing you can do here is upload a picture from your computer as your driving school business page profile picture. When you’ve done that look to the right and you can see the button “add a cover”. Click that to add a picture to be the main big picture on your facebook page.

5. Now click in the status box “what have you been up to” and you can add a post with anything you want – congratulations to a pupil who has passed, details of special offers etc.

6. Click on Photo/Video to upload a photo. So when a pupil passes, take a picture of them next to your car with their pass certificate and then upload it to facebook. You can do this using the facebook app on your smartphone, or by uploading the picture to your computer and uploading from there.

7. Your website needs to have a link to your facebook page like at Bedford Driving School. Every new pupil you get, refer them to your website and ask them to click through to your Facebook page and like it. This is really important. It means when you post something on your facebook page they will see it – so every time someone passes, and you upload a picture, they see it. Also when they pass the picture you have taken shows up in their news feed and so is seen by their friends – good advertising for you (if you can get your driving school name from the side of your car/headboard in the picture then that’s even better.)

8. When you have uploaded a picture you get the opportunity to “tag” it ie add someone’s name to it. If it is someone who is already friends with you or has liked your page then that’s how it shows up in their feed.

Have a play around and you’ll find it’s not too complicated!

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