Driving School lessons plans

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If you are looking for driving school lesson plans there are several alternatives.

Our top tip is make sure they are up to date.  So make sure that the diagrams that you buy are up to date in 2023.

Driving diagrams

There are plenty of driving instructors who are searching “free lesson plans and diagrams”. Driving instructor lesson plans pdf. To be fair it is unlikely that you are going to get comprehensive good quality diagrams for free. Driving school diagrams take a lot of time to develop and it is unreasonable to expect the developer to spend time devising the lesson plans and associated diagrams for free. You wouldn’t expect to get a free headboard for your car nor would you expect a driving instructor to offer lessons for free – so free diagrams of any decent quality are unlikely.

You can find high quality driving lesson diagrams at ADI Ninja.

Here’s a video with a few pages from the manual and automatic version.

It may seem that driving lesson plans are not cheap. This is true. but as we have mentioned above, they take many hours to develop and the market in the UK is quite small. If the diagrams were targeted at learner drivers then that is millions of people. However since their are only around 40,000 driving instructors, the target audience is small and the only realistically profitable way to develop the diagrams is to have a reasonably high markup. These are a great resource for driving instructors with many 5 star reviews from happy driving instructors.


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